eLearning Information

March 24, 2020


Hello Parents!

I hope everyone is staying safe during this unexpected time. I know you are doing your best to help continue with schooling efforts at home. I want to let you know about our current requirements and expectations for your child.

All 3rd-6th grade students are required to log in to canvas to do their online learning assignments. Students must complete assignments in order to be marked present for attendance. So far, eLearning days have been scheduled until April 10th. Please visit scec.k12.in.us for updated information regarding eLearning and scheduled days.

All K-2nd grade students received a work packet on Friday, March 13th. These packets will need to be turned in by Friday, March 27th for your child to be counted present for attendance during the March 16th, 17th, 23rd, and 27th eLearning days. You are also able to send a picture of the completed packet to your teacher if you participate in ClassDojo.

New packets will be available beginning Wednesday, March 25th. You can pick up the packets from the main entrance during brunch times (10:00-12:00pm).

New packets will be made available during our time out of school. Robo calls will go out to inform you when new packets are available.

There will be bins/boxes outside of the main entrance A to deposit packets and pick up new packets.

You are required to sign off on the sheet on top of the bin once you deposit a completed work packet. Your child’s name must be on the sheet in order to be counted for attendance. Please take your own pen to use. You are also able send a picture of the completed packet to your child’s teacher on ClassDojo.

Again, thank you for making sure your child is completing all assignments. We will get through this unusual time. Please know we are working hard to support you and your child!




Informacion de eLearning

24 de marzo de 2020
Hola padres,
Espero que todos se mantengan seguros durante este tiempo inesperado. Sé que estás haciendo tu mejor esfuerzo para ayudar a continuar con los esfuerzos de educación en el hogar. Quiero informarle sobre nuestros requisitos y expectativas actuales para su hijo.
Todos los estudiantes de grados 3  o 6  grado deben iniciar sesión en el línea para realizar sus tareas de aprendizaje en línea. Los estudiantes deben completar las tareas para ser marcados como presentes para asistir. Hasta ahora, los días de eLearning han sido programados hasta el 10 de abril. Visite scec.k12.in.us para obtener información actualizada sobre el aprendizaje electrónico y los días programados.
Todos los estudiantes de K-2do grado recibieron un paquete de trabajo el viernes 13 de marzo. Estos paquetes deberán entregarse antes del viernes 27 de marzo para que su hijo sea contado como presente durante los días 16, 17, 23 y 27 de eLearning. También puede enviar una foto del paquete completo a su maestro si participa en ClassDojo.
Los nuevos paquetes estarán disponibles a partir del miércoles 25 de marzo. Puede recoger los paquetes de la entrada principal durante el horario del brunch (10: 00-12: 00pm).
Nuevos paquetes estarán disponibles durante nuestro tiempo fuera de la escuela. Las llamadas automáticas se enviarán para informarle cuando haya nuevos paquetes disponibles.
Habrá contenedores / cajas fuera de la entrada principal A para depositar paquetes y recoger nuevos paquetes.
Debe firmar la hoja en la parte superior de la papelera una vez que deposita un paquete de trabajo completo. El nombre de su hijo debe estar en la hoja para que se pueda contar su asistencia. Por favor tome su propia pluma para usar. También puede enviar una foto del paquete completo al maestro de su hijo en ClassDojo.
Nuevamente, gracias por asegurarse de que su hijo esté completando todas las tareas. Pasaremos por este tiempo inusual. ¡Tenga en cuenta que estamos trabajando arduamente para apoyarlo a usted y a su hijo!

ATTENTION PARENTS!  Do you need help with eLearning? 

Let's face it - eLearning is new for ALL of us. Now is the time to work together for the benefit of our children. Let's re-dedicate ourselves to forming a strong partnership. Our kids need us and We're Better Together!


Below is a helpful list of websites that your children can work on aside from the tasks and activities teachers have assigned in Canvas and/or Google Classroom.  It's important to get kids on a daily schedule that includes eLearning. To access each site, just click the name of the site that is underlined. Come back and revisit this list because it will continue to grow.

iReady Math - Each student has a learning path that is suited to his or her needs.  Students should work on this site for at LEAST 45 minutes a week. 

IXL is an excellent site for students in kindergarten and all the way to high school. It provides practice in all the important subjects - reading, language, math, science, and social studies.  Be sure to explore this site.

Khan Academy is a math site that provides step-by-step instructions and explanations for all kinds of math problems.  It has lessons for students starting in kindergarten all the way up to college levels. This site comes highly recommended.

Xtra Math is good for keeping those basic math skills fresh, like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

Parent Survey

Calling All Harrison Parents!  

Parents, your opinion matters and that is why we invite you to answer the questions on this survey.  Together we can improve our school.

Click the picture to access the survey.


Through being identified as a Comprehensive Improvement School by the Indiana Department of Education, we have the opportunity to engage in a Comprehensive Needs Assessment that will build our School Improvement Plan. In order to take part in these improvement processes, we have partnered with Equitable Education Solutions, a preferred provider at the Indiana Department of Education. As such, Equitable Education Solutions has asked that parents submit a Benjamin Harrison Elementary School Parent Inquiry Form. This form should take no longer than ten minutes and will greatly impact the outcomes of this process.

Thank you in advance for your help!


Al ser identificada como una Escuela de Mejora Integral por el Departamento de Educación de Indiana, tenemos la oportunidad de participar en una Evaluación Integral de Necesidades que construirá nuestro Plan de Mejora Escolar. Para participar en estos procesos de mejora, nos hemos asociado con Equitable Education Solutions, un proveedor preferido en el Departamento de Educación de Indiana. Así que Equitable Education Solutions ha pedido que los padres completen una Encuesta de PadresOpens in a new browser tab. Este formulario no se debe tomar más de diez minutos para completar y tendrá un gran impacto en los resultados de este proceso.


Student Survey

Calling all Harrison Students! 

We want to know what you think about Harrison School.  Please take a few minutes to answer the questions on the student survey so that we can find ways to improve our school for you.
Teachers,  students will access their unique surveys by entering their 9 digit STN.

Click the picture to access the student survey. 

Fire Prevention Presentations

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Hispanic Heritage Celebration

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2nd Grade Family Night

Harrison Volunteers Rock!

Harrison Student Council fundraiser "Pennies for Paws" was a huge success! Harrison students raised $873.00! An outdoor kennel and pet supplies were donated to the East Chicago Animal Control Center. Mayor Anthony Copeland greeted members of the student council at the center during a dedication ceremony on May 31, 2019.