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OSOB - Wizard of Oz

What is OSOB?

One School One Book (OSOB) is a program designed to create a reading community within the school, and allow teachers, parents, and students to have conversations about what they are reading. With OSOB books will take center stage in the discussions and actions of your students. Students will come to find literature as captivating as movies, television shows, games, and music.

OSOB is a program where the whole school community follows a shared reading schedule for a specific book. The more people you can involve the better! This includes cafeteria workers, office employees, principals, and even school bus drivers. Harrison students will each get a copy of The Wizard of Oz  and we will read the story together when we return from Spring Break. 

Please ask your student about the Wizard of Oz each night, you can even listen to the chapters together at home.  Read a Louds of each chapter will be available on our website. Let's get excited about reading! 

Harrison teachers LIVE on stage!

Click below to view the teachers of Harrison Elementary read the "Wizard of Oz"